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7 Tips for Startups to Increase Data Entry Accuracy

Data is of great importance for any business as it helps in market analysis, decision making, and research. But to maintain huge chunks of data on a daily basis becomes tough and to perform the data entry task in a speedy manner leads to errors. Moreover, inaccurate data may lead to the bad decision-making process that can impact business growth.

For this reason, the data entry work must be accurate and should have less or no errors.

Here are some tips to reduce inaccuracies in data entry:

  1. Check the source that causes inaccuracies: Find the cause of inaccuracy and try to correct the discrepancy. Finding the weak points in the data entry process is the very first step to fix errors.
  2. Invest in the latest technology: Using software that can automatically read and extract certain data can help you improve the accuracy of data entry while minimizing the workload of employees.
  3. Double check the data: Develop an effective system for any inaccuracy in data. You should double-check the data at the lower level in order to avoid any discrepancy at the higher level.
  4. Don’t overburden your team: Overburdening your team with impractical data entry targets can increase the chances of errors. If the work is more, hire more resources or assign equal work to team members.
  5. Try out automated error reports: Many software tools have inbuilt features that can spot errors. For instance, if product codes are supposed to be 12 characters long and the data entry operator enters adds more characters the software can notify about the error and alert your staff.
  6. Train your employees: Make sure your data entry experts understand the importance of data entry accuracy. Train them well on the importance of data entry and how inaccuracies can affect the business.
  7. Adopt robust data entry accuracy standards: Make sure all employees are familiar with data accuracy techniques that include geocoding, data monitoring, and data profiling. Adhering to these standards help you improve the quality of data.

Hope these tips can help you reduce inaccuracies in data entry to a certain extent.

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